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The Ultimate Guide to Mens Belts

There’s an argument today that men’s belts are defunct, that if your trousers fit correctly then you shouldn’t need one. But in menswear there are many items that could be deemed unnecessary. Why wear a watch when your phone tells the time more accurately? Why bother with jewellery at all, when it doesn’t really serve any purpose? It’s true […]

7 reasons why every guy should be wearing a watch

It was during World War I – soldiers tired of fishing around their pockets to find the ubiquitous pocket watch started wearing it on a bracelet on their wrists. Until then, a watch worn on a bracelet was considered strictly women’s fashion. Initially ridiculed by the public as a silly trend – wrist watches soon became […]

Why Style is Worth Caring About

I think a big part has to do with not knowing where to start. And not knowing what dressing well actually looks like. Another reason being that style and dressing up is associated with fashion, and “fashion is for girls.” Or a man might be perceived as gay for dressing stylishly. Many men just don’t believe […]

The Importance of Quality Men’s Clothing

It’s no secret that men’s clothing has gone through a revolution in recent years. With the influx of men’s fashion brands, it can be hard to find quality pieces that fit your style and budget. But, quality still trumps quantity when it comes to men’s clothing. After all, you want to look good and feel […]